'Dr. Strangelove' vs. 'Payback'


I have for a long time considered Dr. Strangelove as the best comedy ever made, but on watching it yesterday, I actually wonder why it's any better than my beloved Payback. Other than its pair of detectives, Payback got a great villain (Kris Kristofferson in my most favorite of his performances) and these are matched by Dr. Strangelove's mad general (flawless performance by Sterling Hayden) and the gum-chewing air force general (a rather overdone comic performance by George C. Scott). Dr. Strangelove may have an edge since it's actually a brilliant satire while Payback, well-written as it is, is at the end just another exciting thriller, lacking dialogue as profound as that provided by Dr. Strangelove's above-stated characters, and last and least, the commander of the partly-damaged aircraft carrying nuclear weapons. The verdict, developed during this post's writing, sees Payback as the lesser of the two.

Sterling Hayden's mad general must have inspired Kris Kristofferson's crime lord because their mannerisms are so much similar. Although to a lesser extent, this also applies to George C. Scott's general as compared to Gregg Henry's Val Resnick, the one who betrayed Payback lead.