Dogville (2003)


It's hard to imagine the movie having as much impact had it been told in a more conventional way (there entire thing is done on a small stage, which doesn't change throughout it's entire 3-hour run, except at the very end). It's an effective experiment that proves that, with good directorial skill, a movie experience can be satisfying with almost no budget. I however expect that only serious movie buffs would watch the entire thing.

My first viewing of this was among the most impactful I've had of any movie, to a point where I called a masterpiece. A revisit wasn't so kind though because of diminished impact. I still love the narrator's style of storytelling (told like a children's fable). I found the character of the philosopher quite annoying (and I'm sure that was the intention), a character developed and performed similar to that of the scientist in Battlestar Galactica tv series (the one made in the 2000's). There is not one other character that is interesting, that is if we ignore James Caan. The movie is also frustratingly long and I'm curious why it was made (why portray such brutality), and even more curious, why was the annoying philosopher character added.