Django Unchained (2012)


Lots of humor, brutality (the suffering of the slaves is just too intense), violence, and heroism. The movie has the rare quality of being entertaining throughout, a feat more impressive given the movie's running length of over 150 minutes. Tarantino also decided to go a bit lazy on us (as he did with the Kill Bill movies) by sprinkling fantasy over his script, where for example we find the heroic Django highly-skilled with a gun, without a lot of training. Another example is the number of men the DiCaprio character has at his command, an excuse to spill liters of blood, as well as showcase the Django excellence. If only the lead was a better (or more interesting) actor than Jamie Foxx.

My favorite (and best) scene is one where the great Tarantino appears. I find it the best directed of all, even though there are more showy and complex ones. My favorite performance there is the oldest of the white guys, played by Michael Parks. I also enjoyed watching the guys in the cage, not to mention Tarantino himself (good actor this guy). As a sidenote, it seems he was not comfortable sayig the word nigga, resorting to blackie.