Cube Zero (2004)


A rather disappointing, and possibly last, sequel of the series. I suspect, when the writers set out to explore the intrigue in the preceding movies (more the first, since the second was just a needless rehash), they did not actually have a solid idea how to explain it... the actual purpose of the Cube. It is sad. Surely one could setup brainstorming sessions about these things, especially if you are going to spend a few million?

Well, the execution in this case is not disgusting bad, and there is okay acting, but the fascination is largely gone, and the excuse of an explanation is merely a passing reference to patriotism and religion. Also, the villain is not very impressive, despite a desperate attempt to portray an eccentric evil character. It's a far less successful attempt than the a character he reminds me of: the genius scientist in Afro Samurai: Resurrection.