Crazy Heart


So this sweet lady (Maggie Gyllenhaal) falls for this alcoholic guy (and I wonder why since the guy looks like he smells like shit; maybe it's because she a sucker for the guy's music). She allows the guy to chill with her kid with the condition that he not drink in front of him. Well, it does happen, and the guy loses the kid while both are in a bar, though the kid is found hours later. As would be expected, 'sweet lady' goes mad and despite repeated pleading, does not forgive the guy. I think that's harsh, even for him. One good outcome however was that that was a wake-up call for him to actually quit drinking, and he even accepted the break-up (I didn't).

The movie is good, but boring. The acting is even better, especially from the lead, Jeff Bridges (who looks so much like Kris Kristofferson, I thought it was him). Maggie is as desirable as usual.