Cloverfield (2008)


I once compared this movie with I Am Legend, and I then I had the following to say later that year:

A revisit of Cloverfield wasn't as much a let-down as that of I Am Legend and am even tempted that it's so far the year's greatest achievement in visual effects. I just want more of that fabulous monster, and hopefully in a really good sequel. Perhaps an equally good sequel would be another discovered tape, maybe with a bigger budget. Here's me salivating on what could be an extremely satisfying franchise. I just so much wish no one will fuck up the idea.

All the above are still accurate, except I didn't enjoy the plot as much this (third) time around. The setup was okay, all but the romance part of it, which just felt tired. I also found it far-fetched to have the guy brave the monsters to go rescue woman, and managing to drag around two more people on his quest onto a heavily-compromised building, up dozens of stairs, all to find a woman heavily injured, yet managing to run around for several minutes on end... makes me sad :(