Battleship (2012)


Real nice visual effects, some of the best I've seen yet:

The movie isn't as big and loud as the Transformers movie series, but the concept is a lot less silly, and the story a lot less annoying.

The most surprising thing about the movie is the appearance of the leg-less guy, some ugly big guy who gives a wonderful performance, the most interesting in the movie. It's surprising because I've never seen the guy before, and that a crippled character would be given such a key role. Sure there was Dr. Strangelove, but that was a comedy.

It was sad when the movie ended, both because it was too short, and because there was no explanation on what the aliens wanted. What made this even sadder is fact that they appeared not wholly evil, making them more interesting. I even thought that, later in the movie, there would be something like stop fighting us; we come in peace.