Avengers: Age of Ultron


I was not so impressed when I saw this one first time:

I am afraid that the producers of the franchise are losing the plot a little. The movie is entertaining enough, but I kept feeling it's too much of a money-making machine. The plot is rather messy, and the action overly-frantic. I much prefer the original.

I did, however, love something in it:

My favorite moment is the battle between Hulk and the super-sized Iron Man. It's a showcase of visual effects mastery, and what makes it extra special is the setting... South Africa.

I still do love the scene, but I love the villain even more. The writers did a great job to demonstrate the fact that this character is a super-intelligence, making him quite unusual and unpredictable, resulting in it being unlike any character I've ever seen. I love his various appearances: birth, broken robot, first meeting with the twins, the severed arm, and the self-killing (in which he occupies a more shitty body).