Appleseed (2004)


In animation, I don't remember seeing a face of a female character as beautifully shot as the lead character here. We also get to have multiple such moments (she really is gorgeous!), which makes me suspect the director must have oogled over her. The one problem though is that she doesn't exactly look the part of a supremely skilled warrior. Her great strength is also left unexplained.

There are 2 more characters that could have been better:

Much of the visual design is quite nice, but is inconsistently so. The fusion of 2D and 3D is a bit poor, but some of the movements of the characters (e.g. some movements like walking, or fighting) are quite impressive. As for the designs of the exo-skeleton, did they have to look so bulky? Anyways, the catwoman-like robots are wonderful to look at, complete with their metal-cutting whips. This is one case where sex appeal worked well.

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