another visit to Eastern Cape


Last time, I raved about my experiences at a friend's home place, Nyosini. My memory is not to be completely trusted, but this second (or third, if we count attending a funeral) one was even better. Such hospitality is what I feel most people on the planet have never experienced. We (me and two friends, who were just as impressed) were treated like royalty. We slept there just one night though, so we spent nearly all our time there in one yard.

I have never seen a family quite like this. My own (maternal) family is quite close, but definitely not as kindly as this one. And by the way, there are no exceptions. The love they have, and express, for each other is... damn I wish I could express self better.

I met Bongo again, and the guy's character hasn't changed a bit... maybe even more shy than last time, I can't tell. Lwazi and Siya weren't there (boarding school).

One could say it was me (us?) paying homage to that wonderful family (it's been over 3 years), but also an excuse to go enjoy the warmth of their welcome, not to mention the gorgeous scenery of the surrounding hills.