abusing the computer 'genius'


Here's a part-fictional account of events that are largely my fault:

  1. Friend got a new laptop and I elect to install Debian (or whatever OS I find suitable at that moment) side-by-side with the pre-installed Windows.
  2. I show Friend around since he finds the interface unfamiliar, and I get a dry mouth explaining the advantages, while trying hard to avoid Windows bashing. He sort of agrees.
  3. I upgrade it later on (mainly because I'm hoping the new hotness will get their Wi-Fi hardware working).
  4. The upgrade breaks something else in the process, and I spend hours fixing it...
  5. Only to have them spend their computing lives in Windows since it's more familiar (as well as the fact the software that came with their cell-phone doesn't run anywhere else).
  6. We computer 'geniuses' all know that Windows has a nasty habit of overwriting the boot partition such that an already-installed OS is no longer bootable, so I gotta come over, to make it bootable again (and this is made worse by the fact that reinstalls are pretty common when Windows gives trouble).