a visit to Mozambique


Outside my country, South Africa, I have only been to Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho. I recently visited Mozambique, and it feels far more different compared. The most notable thing is that Portuguese dominates far more than English. It was quite hard to find people we (me and a friend) could ask for help as we navigated its largest city, Maputo. Other issues:

This sort of thing really lessened the enjoyment of the trip there. I felt unwelcome really, and it made me miss my far-more-pleasant South Africa. I am sure there is far less crime there, but South Africa is not particularly scary either (in general). It also has far better and much cheaper places to sleep. We could very well have missed some great lodging places in Mozambique, that Maputo is just a shit place to be, and we should have avoided it, who knows. We didn't do much research on it really, and decided to take a chance. It didn't work out, but I'm glad we tried. I would like to go some other time (I hear there's great beaches), but with proper guides, perhaps via a cruise ship.

In the end, we just decided to cut our trip short, and went back home to South Africa.