a visit to Lesotho


Maseru is a lot better than I thought:

The quality of service was rather horrible, and worse than any place I've been to in South Africa. Worst of this was the place we (was with friend) stayed at:

Maybe that explains the price... the room cost M290 for the night, for both of us. Ridiculous cheap. We thought the price was per person. I wanna check out some other super-cheap places elsewhere to ensure this is the kind of service one should expect.

Anyways, we went on to drive towards Hlotse, a town to the West of Maseru. The road was quite good, and the view wonderful (Lesotho is a beautiful country). Still, I didn't see much evidence of ridiculous poverty for the whole 100km drive. It was interesting to see that the traffic cops didn't have cars around. Serious cost-saving there.

One last thing, the Lesotho side of the border stamped our passports when leaving, but didn't when we entered. Interesting.