A Prophet (2009)


Some serious storytelling here and is unlike anything I've seen before, other than a resemblance to the mini-series, Blood In, Blood Out. An epic prison movie, though something I don't really wanna see again. There's very little happy things going on. There's a beautiful visual (the accident) and an interesting concept (one guy taking on a few gunmen).

The problem with movies is that they tend to go through different episodes, which sadly often don't quite compare to each other. This situation is worse for long movies like this one (3hrs). The setup is quite intense. It's so good that I was expecting more than what ultimately transpired (the slow rise of our 'hero' through the ranks, and the complex politics surrounding him). It's good direction, but it could have been better, and this lead of hours, although he competently leads the movie, falls short at times. Reminds me of Liam Neeson in Schindler's List.