A Dirty Shame (2004)


I enjoyed watching the faces made by the lead actor. Some funny shit. Sadly, the movie's only worthy moment is where her character dances with old people. I love her daughter too, but that's mere sexual attraction (she's totally wantable!?). Other than that, there's some minor things that entertain, but the rest of the movie is crap. I don't get what the point is. It's too overdone to be funny, and if it's supposed to be satirical, it's the worst I've seen. The movie would have been far more effective if the sex-crazed people didn't look so idiotic. Fuck, some even have supernatural powers. Why didn't the makers of the movie do some decent visual effects?

[sidenote] I get the vibe that the director is a lot more capable that what he displays here, so maybe I'm missing the point.