2009 review


The best movie of the year is also the best movie ever to be based in my city of residence, Johannesburg. The movie also has best visuals. In addition, it's also the most original movie, which helps it feel super-fresh. The movie is named District 9.

The best visual effects artefact is the battle suit of District 9, followed by the killer bikes of Terminator Salvation.

The best male performance is that of Christoph Waltz as Nazi officer in Inglourious Basterds. He plays a very fearsome Nazi officer that is so damn easy to hate.

The best cast can be found in Precious. Among them is the most desirable character, played by Amina Robinson. She is most quiet of the classmates, one with scar on face. Also, why do people have to look and be like her. Damn!

My favorite performance is that of Rosalind Pike, who plays a mentally challenged lover in An Education.