I haven't ran Ubuntu since 7.04 and gave 8.10 a try recently, primarily for doing wireless web connection at new job, and also that our sysadmin showed it to me in action with its NetworkManager 0.7 glory in action and had the installer handy. As I've come to expect from Ubuntu, the defaults artwork just looks gorgeous and with an especially stunning desktop background. It was also the first time I actually got to experience the 3D desktop effects that people have been making noise about these past several months (I did try this before, on Debian, but it was a mess with me having to go see README.Debian thing and still not managing, while in Ubuntu's case, it was mere clicks away which I found through the handy Ubuntu user manual, which is easily accessible on the GNOME panel, and that's what Debian desktop needs).

Me became happy with Firefox which remembered the previously-visited paths (via the back-button) on session-restore, a feature I often miss when working with Epiphany.

Some warts I've seen so far:

  • The installer's insistence on running the whole desktop before installation sucks because it really prolongs installation, and made worse by a lack of a visible alternative option.
  • The feature I once praised in debian-installer, which informs one of the limits whithin which one may resize existing hard drive partitions, is absent in Ubuntu's installer. The graphical partitioner does however looks real slick.
  • Does not remember running apps when session is restarted.
  • And I've already experienced 2 system freezes after running some updates, and the sort where I have to force machine reset.