A reasonably enjoyable movie that is sadly showing its age. Luckily there's many nice performances:

  • Holly Hunter: I didn't even notice it was her, until I saw the credits; it's been a while I guess; she plays the lover of the private investigator.
  • Gary Busey: He's fun to watch as private investigator. He gets some of the movie's best dialogue. Also, I don't remember enjoying any of his performances, until now.
  • Ed Harris: This is one good actor, and I only wish he was given enough great roles, instead of playing second fiddle to lesser actors like Tom Cruise. The scene where he breaks in anger, where he reveals the size of his balls to the Tom Cruise character, is solid.
  • David Strathairn: The character of the hero's brother was rather misplaced and was given too much importance. It was just not needed for the story. That however shouldn't make us ignore the fact that it was performed well.

There's a bunch of desirable gals too, not least of which was the great Holly Hunter herself. Another is the wife, and another (the most desirable) is the lady who seduced our hero on the beach in what is easily the silliest moment in the movie.

[sidenote] Now, this Gary Busy guy is one prolific guy, with over 120 movie appearances! I think most are shit though, as is often the case with actors this active. Remember Dennis Hopper?