A bizarre and sleep-inducing work, this dark comedy has its moments:

  • The scene with Billy Bon Thornton is fun to watch, due to the idiotic behavior of his character and its companions. It is my favorite in the movie.
  • The character of the native American feels more of a guardian angel than anything real. One feels a sense of comfort having him around, and his bravery commendable, not to mention his kindness. He is the most unusual character of them all, or should I say the most unconvincing.
  • The character of Crispin Glover is also bizarre. He gives a very good performance, brief as it is.

I don't know what the fuck's up with the story though, what the point of it all is. Why do people make movies like this? It does however possess the honor of having an entire book written about it, by the great Jonathan Rosenbaum.