I like a few of the characters:

  • Medusa: gorgeous, yet scary
  • The Kraken: among the largest of all movie monsters I've seen, complete with superb facial design
  • The underworld creature that drives the boat, together with the two others pulling the ship
  • Hades: the entrance +++ when spreading his 'wings' +++ is entrancing and the performance (Ralph Fiennes) and body movement befitting; this the movie's best moment

There were also some badly-designed ones:

  • The scorpions aren't convincing, nor are the battles involving them
  • The charred-skin wizards have some presence, but what the fuck is up with look
  • The former king who got burned by Zeus' lightning got make-up that looks like something from a B-movie; that character is not interesting too

As for the story, it is merely standard. Nothing to celebrate there. Strangely, I enjoyed the movie more on a revisit.