• The best thing in the movie is the tribal humanoid creatures; they are given solid and believable personalities, as if they actually exist. The best work is the leading lady, who also happens to be damn fucking' desirable. I also loved the female spiritual leader (she got presence).
  • The entire experience of those humanoids riding flying creatures is pure movie magic. The creatures they ride are quite impressive (check for example when our hero is to tame one for the first time).
  • The concept of Avatars is quite unique and fresh... it would be interesting to experience another body.


  • The human characters were not given quality treatment, all but the lead (the image of him and his wheelchair is iconic). Most unconvincing is the scarred military leader, followed by the corporate representative (Giovanni Ribisi).
  • The general feel of the alien world feels too artificial (there's too many bright-colored plants and animals). The creature design is not satisfactory.
  • The helicopter driver lady should have been excluded. She is just not an interesting actor, and cheapens the movie further.

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